Chelsea Rail Bridge

Chelsea Rail Bridge


Chelsea Rail Bridge, also known as Battersea Railway Bridge, is a Grade II listed bridge originally built in 1863. Located in Chelsea Harbour in Fulham, West London, the railway bridge is used by the West London Line and the London Overground.

The main objective of the project was to strengthen and rejuvenate the historical bridge to increase its load capacity to over 25 tonnes and to increase rail traffic speed from 30mph to 50mph.

The project involved repairing the corroded elements of the bridge, replacing missing rivets, repainting the entire structure with protective paint and protecting existing cables stowed under the walkway.

GlobalCAD was commissioned by Kier Group to develop a 3D structural feasibility model for the bridge.

What we did

We worked closely with the client’s specialist in-house Building Information Modelling (BIM) business, Clearbox, who developed a BIM process specifically for this project to track the number of bolts and rivets installed, where repairs were required, and where additional bolts were needed to meet regulations and the project objective. BIM was applied to create a defect surveying system to systematically monitor defects and the associated repairs.

GlobalCAD developed the 3D structural model for the project with unique identifiers for all of the model’s individual components so that they could be tracked and their status monitored using Kier Group’s BIMXtra platform.

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